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Single Source Ventilator Monitoring

The COVID-19 pandemic created a worldwide shortage of ventilators.
Many individuals and companies stepped up to quickly create scaled down, low cost alternatives to address the shortage.
The equipment is not a direct replacement for fully functioning ventilators but provide life saving equipment when the normal equipment on hand is fully used.
There are a number of these emergency ventilator projects in the works and many of them have the same monitoring and alert requirements.
This project aims to make it very easy to enable monitoring and alerts for any emergency ventilator that can connect to a network, either via Wifi or direct network connection.
Ventilators with internet access can make use of an existing cloud based instance with zero installation effort. Just use the example code to send statistic information from a ventilator to the existing instance.
Instances can also be created for a single ventilator, multiple ventilators on the same local network, or a shared wide area network. Sending the statistic information is the same for all instances.  © 2020  All Rights Reserved.    |    Privacy    |    Terms Of Use