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Why is ventilator monitoring and alerts needed?
All ventilators need to show statistics about what is happening while in use. The statistics are used to adjust settings specific to an individual patient. Alerts are needed when statistic threshholds are met so that someone knows to adjust a device. Standing next to the ventilator at all times is not practical so a monitoring and alert system is needed.
Who would use this?
Many individuals started creating emergency ventilators due to a worldwide shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic. This project makes it easy for someone to enable monitoring and alerts for their own ventilator solution.
Where do I download?
Click Download to grab the latest code and database package.
How do I install?
Click Download to grab the installation instructions.
How can I get involved?
Please submit a support inquiry. Volunteers are needed for development efforts, organization of logistics, offers for resources, or anything else that will aid in the advancement of the project.
How can I donate to the project?
Thank you, please click Donate and click on any of the options. You may also copy and paste this URL into your web browser:  © 2020  All Rights Reserved.    |    Privacy    |    Terms Of Use